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1978, Burning Sounds, BS 1025

The debut was produced by Linval Thompson and used many of his greater riddims. The track Marijuana in my Soul on the lethal drum and bass excursion of Linvals I Love Marijuana is exceptional! The album was recorded inna Jamdung but remixed at the Chalk Farm Studios in London by Syd Bucknor. Production as stated by Linval.

Judging from Peter I's great interview with Linval, over at Reggae-Vibes.com, Mr. Dread wasn't the easiest person to deal with. Linval said regarding Ranking Dread; »Like a problem, man. Everybody have him that way from he pass, yunno.« When you're done checking this page then skidaddle over to Reggae-Vibes and read Peter I's fantastic articles.

1979, Burning Sounds, BS 1037
1979, Burning Rockers, BS 1037

The awesome title track told the story of the slave Kunta Kinte from the mandinka tribe in Africa (as told in the well worth tracking down mini-series »Roots«). There is no production credits on the album except that it is produced and marketed by Burning Sound Ltd. while the backing probably is by the Rebolutionaries.

A couple of the rhythms can be found dubbed up on the great »Gregory Isaacs In Slum Dub« also released on Burning Sounds (not a Ranking Dread record per se and therefor not included in the discography).

You know what they say; »All killer, no filler!« Desperately needs to be re-issued.

1980, Stand Firm, FSLP-01
Tad's, SSLP 001
Freedom Sounds, FSLP 001
Jah Life, …
Jah Life, GOCD 5013
Freedom Sounds, FSLP 001

Judging from all the different releases of »Lots of Loving« this was Ranking Dreads hit album. Regarding the debut and the incredible follow up »Kunta Kinte Roots« this album is also the most dancehall oriented with productions by Sugar Minott and Ranking Dread himself. It was first released as a very scarce pre-release on Stand-Firm with only 500 out on circulation. The second issuing of it was on the Freedom Sounds label. A limited edition was also released at Freedom sounds with colored vinyls.

The third edition that got released in the States was on Tad's. It had gray backcover artwork instead of colour as on the Freedom Sounds release.

There is also a release by Jah Life on vinyl. I know no more about this release than the existance of it. So if anyone knows the year or maybe has a scan. Pleace mail me.

The record finally got reissued by Jah Life on CD with some additional tracks drawn from Ranking Dreads discos released by Greensleeves.

The latest reissue by Freedom Sounds also adds two tracks to the tracklisting.

1982, Silver Camel, SCLP 002
Silver Kamel, SKCD 024
Silver Kamel, SKLP 001

The album must have caught the eye of many a record collectors when it was sporting such fantastic artwork such as this one done by Rod Vass.

The album is divided between King Tubby and Sly & Robbie (first side) and Scientist with the Roots Radics (flip side) prodiving what would be a truly interesting excursion of Ranking Dreads productions.

Personally I've found myself enjoying the record vastly with all the somewhat unorthodox dubbing. Others have not been as keen to it. With rhythms as »Fattie Boom«, »I Don't Want to Wait in Vain« and »No, No, No« I can't see it otherwise than a success. My only problem is to decide who wins the clash between the two sides.

Even more interesting is that Ranking Dread recorded this one after he had broken out of prison where he was incarcerated for having shot a police officer, possibly Trinity Gardner who he shot in his mouth.

Originally it was released at the quantity of a thousand records.

(featuring Massive Dread)
2006, Silver Kamel, SKLP 002
2006, Silver Kamel, SKCD 028

After Silver Kamels reissue of Ranking Dreads great dub album I was hoping that it would be the first of many reissues to come. Greensleeves is now going to collect all of their Ranking Dread discos on one CD, plus the Fattie Boom Boom 12" on vinyl and release. That is fantastic news! However I was never prepared for a treat like this! Two of the most underrated and forgotten deejays on one and the same record! Ranking Dread gets the first side of the album and Massive Dread the second.

The opening cut is »Satta«, a different mix (still on the Satta rhythm) of the song »Give Praise First« from the Kunta Kinte Roots album. Dread Ranx has a chanting approach on it. A fantastic song. He then continues to deejay over equally as great versions of Horace Andys »Love Of A Woman«, »Pressure & Slide«, Cornell Campbell and Hortense Ellis. Every single track features Ranking Dread at his prime and the rhythms likewise as great!

Massive Dreads side is a bit more diverse and features everything from rockers to digital 80's dancehall. Massive Dread got murdered when he tried to make a positive change for his community and the politicians didn't like what he was doing. Horace Andy gets revisited on this side also and the deejay work of Massive Dread is on par with Rankins Dreads side. The stand out tracks must be »Morgan the Pirate« where we find Massive Dread over a lethal rub-a-dub rhythm and the wonderfully odd track »Understand« where Massive sounds almost more like Johnny Ringo than Ringo himself did. The only drawback on the whole album (both sides included) is the song »Melody of Love«. Even though a good song, the digital backing ruins the overall vibe of the album and pure and simple just doesn't fit in. Fortunately this track was excluded on the vinyl.

All of the tracks are to my knowledge previously unreleased (except perhaps for a 12" with Massive and Horace I think I've seen) and Silver Camel are worth all the respect they can get for this fantastic release. Do yourselves a favour and go to the Silver Camel site, Silver Camel Audio, and pick this up.
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The discos have been arranged in alphabetical order. If there are any discos missing then do please mail me at kalcidis@hotmail.com with the information and I'll add it to the page. The records with small purple hearts next to the titles are personal favorites of mine and very much recommended to pick up if you ever find them for a good price!

A African Girl
(with Sugar Minott)
B African Girl Version

1980, Live & Love, LLDIS 113

A Bandulu & Hard Time (both with Cornell Campbell)
B Bandulu & Hard Time
(Walkner.Möstl RMX)
2002, Select Cuts, SC 6008

Disco EP Showcase
1980, Art & Craft, ACD 006
A1 My Liza
A2 Same Thing
B1 Hard Times Leave My Life
B2 Jah Walk Through Galilee
Produced by Ranking Joe och S. Douglas. This EP is incredible! All four tracks are something else. Since there has already been some reissues of Art & Craft discos we can only hope this one is in the pipeline! It was released on yellow transparent wax.

A Dog Man Style
B Version
198x, Super Duper, SD 151

A Emmanuell God Is With Us, Emmanuell Version (both Dennis Brown)
B General
2002, Glimmer, GLM 1007, 10" release.
Written and produced by Dennis Brown.

A Fattie Boom Boom
B Dub Boom
1981, Greensleeves, GRED 65
Mixed by Scientist at King Tubby's. This was probably Ranking Dreads single greatest hit as it was a top ten pop chart hit. And second of all how can't you love a song that speaks so wonderful 'bout dem oversize , oversize, oversize mampies!

A Gate Man
B Gate Man Fashion
1983, Body Music, BMDIS 7
Produced by Ranking Dread & Tappa Zukie.

A Give Me What I Want, Last Train To Africa
B Jerusalem, Jah Give I Love (all songs by Winston Godling)
1981, Starlight, SLD-510
None of the tunes feature either Ranking Dread or Winston Godling (a bastardisation of Ranking Dreads given name, Winston Brown, and one of his aliases Errol Codling?). The correct tracklisting is as follows;
A1 Frankie Jones - Give Me What Me Want (also released by J&F)
A2 Nazarene (Prince Alla) - Last Train To Africa (also released by Generation)
B1 Prince Alla - Jerusalem
B2 Prince Alla - Jah Give I Love

A Holding On (with Errol Dunkley)
B Ranking Dub
1978, Burning Sounds, BSD 022

A I Don't Want To Be No General (Dennis Brown)
B General
1980, DEB, DEB 039

2004, Badda Music/ DEB, BMDEB 039
Produced by Dennis Brown. A monumental tune. Dennis Brown and Ranking Dread at their finest on a militant rockers rhythm. Crucial disco ought to be in any reggae listeners collection!

A If Nanny Was Here
B Nanny Was Here
(Horsemouth & Wallace)
1982, Greensleeves, GRED 91
Mixed and produced by Ranking Dread.

A Ity Tity (with Junior Delgado)
B Version
1981, Yvonne's Special, YS-001
Produced by Junior Delgado & Dennis Brown.

A Live Together
(Dave Robinson)
B One Destination
(with Dave Robinson)
1980, Live & Love, LLDIS 112
Ranking Dread is uncredited on the B-side. Production by Errol Dunkley.

A Love A Dub
B Dub A Dub (Roots Radics Band & Jackie Mittoo)
1981, Greensleeves, GRED 57
Mix and production by RD

A Love Is A Hurting Thing (Religious Foundation) (with The Gaylads)
B Hurting
(Black Roots Players)
1980, Black Roots, BR 002
Produced by Sugar Minott

A Love Song
B Version
19xx, Yardie, YD. 001
Arranged and produced by R. Dread

A Lots Of Loving
Loving Devotion
198x, Tad's, TRD LP 21881

A My Liza, Same Thing Happen
B First Cut, Wha We Do
1980, Freedom Sounds, FSD 022

A My Liza
B Same Thing Happen
1980, Freedom Sounds, …

A My Mammy
B Mammy Mammy (Ranking All-Stars)
1982, Greensleeves, GRED 96, Mixed and produced av Ranking Dread.
It does feel weird that the same person that was the suspect of 30+ murders could do beautiful tributes like this one.

A My Mammy
B Revival Time
1982, Tad's, TRD 271081
Produced by Tad Dawkins

A Old Lady Of Stokey
1984, Body Music, BMDIS 10

A Palaving Spree (with Errol Dunkley)
B Version
1979, Third World, TWDIS 37
Produced by Errol Dunkley

A Poor Man Story
B Poor Man Dub
1981, Live & Love, LLDIS 119
Produced and arranged by Ranking Dread.

A Pretty Brown Eyes

B Pretty Brown Dub

19xx, Embassy Records, R.D.S. 001
Produced and arranged by Ranking Dread.

A Rush Me No Badness (with Errol Dunkley)
B Version
1979, Earthquake, EQ 1000, Mislabeled as Cornell Campbell - Sweet Baby
1979, DEB, DEB 027
Produced by Errol Dunkley

A Shut Me Mouth
B Shut Up Shut Up
1982, Greensleeves, GRED 82, Mix och Prod by Ranking Dread.
Probably Ranking Dreads single greatest track. Strictly cultural lyric on a next cut of Dennis Browns awesome »Breaking Down The Barriers« (Natty Congo). Get this one! I don't care if you have to sell all those UB40 in order to get it!

A Sting Stang Champion
198x, Crystal, CR 006
Produced by RD & Jackie Mittoo. Also known as »Stung Champion« and available on the rhythm album »Version Studio« (Hot Milk is the rhythm) released by the label Jakki in 1985. This is ranking dread in a bad way.

A That Little Girl (with Errol Dunkley), Illie Back Skank
B That Little Girl Dub
1979, Jamaica Sounds, JSD 919
Produced by Errol Dunkley and Ranking Dread

A Unite Brotherman (with Dennis Brown)
B One Way Lover (Barry Brown)
1981, Tad's, TRD 41081
Produced by Tad's (A. Dawkins), Ranking Dread is uncredited on the A-side doing the deejay version of Dennis Brown song. The song is actually RD's »When the Saints«. The rhythm is Shank I Sheck.

A Use Me (Diana)
B Abusive Dub (Roots Radics)
1981, Silver Camel, SC 006
Produced by Ranking Dread, however Ranking Dread himself does not feature on the music.

A Wah We Do
B Wah We Dub
198x, Live & Love, LLDIS 118

A When The Saints
B My Mommy
198x, Tad's, …

A You Really Don't Love Me (with Junior Delgado)
B I Want You (Radic)
1980, Soundoff, SOFD 006
Produced by Junior Delgado & J. B.


London Thing
1979, Burning Sounds, BS 040

Fattie Boom Boom
1981, Greensleeves, FATTIE 1
Picturesleeve. Produced by Ranking Dread, mixed by Scientist at Tubbys and enjoyed on the TT by anyone with good taste.

198x, Youth Promotions, …
1981, Black Roots, …
Produced by Lincoln »Sugar« Minott.

Death Trap / Version
197x, Thompson, …
Produced by Linval Thompson. Also known as »Natty On The Rock« on the »Girls Fiesta«-album.

Love & Devotion / Stylelily
1998, Hi-Power, US HP 171
Mixed by Collin (Bulby) York. Also known as »Lots of Loving«.

Africa / King Tubbys Dub Plate Mix
2010, Freedom Sounds, FSD 018
Produced by Ranking Dread. First time on single, originally on Lots of Loving LP without dub.